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Success starts with a great idea! It’s well known that great apps drive growth, increase customer engagement, build value and deliver benefit to communities. But how do great ideas become great apps?

It is human nature to be inspired, have brilliant ideas and feel that rush of excitement that motivates us to transform our dreams into reality.

Few people actually do take action though, therefore many ideas never see the light of day. Many people make the mistake of overlooking the need for “validation” – checking with customers, to ensure you’re solving the right problem with the right solution.

Building a continually updated business model ensures that you plan and execute the right tasks and ask all the tough questions.

Over time, it’s easy to prove if your app will be the core of a venture that operates profitably by solving a problem that customers care about.

The Business Model is your master plan and you can get started with Mashean, NamSource’s online business model and strategy tool. Sign up for free!

In order to successfully build an App you must first gather information about how the app will work and what it might look like. Collectively, this information is referred to as an App Specification. Creating the specification yourself can save you  money, but also ensures that you explore and describe your idea in detail. If you need help to complete your App Specification then contact us!

User Stories

Write brief paragraphs that describe how people will use your app. You’ve probably signed up for and logged into lots of apps, so begin with the signup/login process as it’s a familiar place to start and get the hang of writing User Stories.


It’s important to visualise your app by sketching it out to describe how you imagine it will look. You can use pen and paper or web based wireframe tools. Just draw each screen that the user sees and ensure your User Stories describe what is going on with each screen. Is the app collecting information, showing information, or helping the user complete a task?

Detailed Requirements

The User Stories and Wireframes provide a high-level view of your App. But now it’s time to get into the detail and describe each feature, one at a time. For example: ”Allow the user to reset their password”, “Allow the user to choose their preferred language”, “The App must continue to work if there is no internet connection available”. FInally, add a priority for each feature, is it a Must (critical),  a Could (future idea), or a Won’t (you’ve thought about it and it’s not needed). This is the most important part of the whole App Specification, so it’s worth spending a lot of time on this stage.

Cost and Timeline

Regardless of whether you build the App Specification or if NamSource helps you, we need this document to help us work out the cost and timeline, so then we can give you a fixed cost contract to give you complete confidence about your app project being a complete success.

The only way to deliver an App is to build it! NamSource takes care of the whole software development process, and Appcelerate is Australia’s most successful App Delivery Process. Once  your app is built, it’s over to you to deliver it to the world – but don’t worry, we will still be there with you to help you consider the long term customer support and things that you will need to consider when your idea goes global!

Building Your App

NamSource created the Appcelerate process to ensure we achieve success in 100% of our projects. You are involved and kept informed at every step, connecting you closely with our team and quality control process, all the way through to when your app finally launches.

Operating Your App

We hope your app is a global success! But have you thought about what it takes to support an app when there are thousands of users around the world? We can help you consider all of the aspects of running an app as part of your startup, business or community organisation.

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