World Wide Property Development

Worldwide Property Development (WWPD) was founded in 2017 to activate a global property marketplace that brings together property developers, sales agents, buyers and investors on a platform that will expand across the Asia Pacific region in 2019, to secure a leading position in property project marketing.

The Challenge

In order to deliver a global property platform, WWPD required a trusted technology partner that understood the intricacies of working in multiple countries with diverse cultures, languages and differing legislation. WWPD has to demonstrate that it can complete sales of new projects faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the market.
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Our Solution

NamSource was ideally positioned to understand the unique challenges faced by WWPD and quickly alignmed technology with the global strategy of WWPD.

Web and Mobile App technologies met every specific need of property developers, sales agents, buyers and professionals such as solicitors and accountants. WWPD were able to test and provide feedback at every step along the way. The global cloud solution now enables WWPD to operate in any country, in any language realizing its vision of an integrated global property marketplace.


WWPD launched on time in 2018 and began executing its vision for a global property marketplace that will expand across Asia-Pacific in 2019. By attracting international buyers and investors WWPD will sell thousands of properties each year, stimulating the wider economy. NamSource has delivered a cutting-edge secure cloud solution that works on any desktop and mobile device, in any language, truly enabling a connected global property marketplace.

“NamSource was the logical choice as a trusted technology partner based on their experience as an international organization with diverse culture, deep technical knowledge and the ability to deliver success in every area of our project.”
Riezel Kinsella, CEO of Worldwide Property Developments