dataMINION dramatically improves administration for Medical Practitioners who are drowning in paperwork (costing millions every year) and and alleviates the burden on patients who have to fill out forms with the same information over and over again. Since being founded in 2015, dataMINION has achieved recognition in the HCF Catalyst Accelerator and was a finalist in 2018, in the WAITTA INCITE Awards category of Most Innovative Enabler in Health Care.

The Challenge

dataMINION needed to deliver cutting edge electronic forms to every medical practice in Australia. The solution would need to deliver a secure, digital process to collect patient data and enable medical practices to design individual forms to support their specific clinical processes. The envisaged application was also required to work in multiple languages to support those who do not speak English or have English as a second language.

Our Solution

As forms are completed, users can store their information as secure encrypted data in order to fill out subsequent forms with a single click, on their mobile and desktop devices. Our delivery methodology enabled dataMINION to validate our solution through the use of cyber security experts who tested and proved that our solution was safe and secure, and we passed with flying colours. NamSource’s project methodology created clarity on timing and cost for delivery, and dataMINION were able to work closely with our technology solutions team throughout the entire project.


Our delivered solution enabled dataMINION to launch in December 2016 and provided a sound and secure foundation for subsequent releases. The product is publicly available now, is gaining traction and has been recognised in multiple industry awards. dataMINION is transforming health care in Australia by increasing efficiency for medical practices and providing simpler, more convenient, processes to benefit patients.

“NamSource won our confidence through their collaborative process, working closely with our team to deliver dataMINION under a fixed-cost contract for delivery. We now have the capability to deliver a secure, end-to-end workflow in any language. dataMINION and NamSource proved to be a winning combination.”
Christian Wolf, CEO of dataMINION