READ MISSION THREE  – NASA, Duct Tape and Good Enough is Good Enough

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My career so far spans more than 35 years, and I’ve been trying to find a humorous and valuable way to share insights in a way that is relatable, honest and meaningful. In this third article I reflect on 1998, when I was given an amazing opportunity to work with a team building flight recorders for Harrier and Tornado jets. The first project, for the Harrier Jump Jet, was to support NASA in some trouble shooting activities.

Going into the project I thought I was going to learn the fine art of software development, but what I learned was actually very different and quite surprising…

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Key Insights:

  1. Finding that past skills can be used on exciting new projects
  2. Being coached and mentored by people that care about your success
  3. Learning to be pragmatic, and not getting lost in your own version of success