MISSION FOUR – Startups: RomComs or Horror Movies?


MISSION FOUR – Startups: RomComs or Horror Movies?

In 1979, I earned my first five British Pounds from computer software, a small piece of code which helped Amateur Radio enthusiasts learn Morse code. Was I Startup? These days I would be for sure. Fast forward fourty years. I’ve seen so many struggle in Startup life, so my article this week is truly from the heart, but is a frank and honest piece of advice to people who are blinded by the romance of getting into Startups. A harsh reality awaits most. Around 90% of Startups fail, and the cost to health, well-being, relationships and dignity is a high price.

So as usual, here’s some ramblings and advice I wish I’d received as a younger tech-guy.

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Key Insights:

  1. Understanding that Startups are in business, with all the legal obligations that this entails
  2. A note of caution about the Apps Development process
  3. Funny app ideas might lead to viable businesses!